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  • Camille Poulin

The Fourth Trimester

Lottie is 13 weeks old today and I can’t believe the fourth trimester is coming to an end! Motherhood is both everything and nothing I expected. It’s been messy and magical, filled with smiles, contact naps, stroller walks, tears, changing table chats, tummy time, lots of boob food, sleepy snuggles and so much more. I could never have imagined this kind of love. 🤍

Here are 12 thoughts to sum up the past 12 weeks:

  1. It sounds cliché - the days can feel long but the weeks are short. I can’t believe how fast the last three months have gone.

  2. Smiles make the 3am wakeups worth it.

  3. Breastfeeding is WILD. It is my favorite time with her but I could have never imagined how hard it would be. Hands down the most challenging (second only to labour lol) and most rewarding thing I’ve ever done.

  4. Just when you think you’ve got it figured out, babies change. Watching her grow and start to interact with the world feels like such a privilege.

  5. It takes a village - I am so lucky to have the most incredible support system. Zac is the best dad, my parents live around the corner (my mom has seen Lottie every day of her life so far!), and our friends and family have been amazing.

  6. Highly recommend upgrading your phone storage as soon as you find out you’re pregnant.

  7. As much as my world has changed for the better, I didn’t anticipate grieving the loss of the “old me” and the freedom I had before a baby.

  8. Mom friends make life so much better. Having people to commiserate with about the sleepless nights while sharing the joys of little babies is the best. And knowing someone else is awake at 4am makes it a little easier!

  9. Did not anticipate how much time I would spend looking at and thinking about poo???

  10. Contact naps and sleepy snuggles bring me joy. Telling myself that this sleeplessness is a season.

  11. No one prepares you for how obsessed you are with this tiny human.

  12. Literally nothing on earth compares to that new baby smell.

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